Monday, March 2, 2009

Sedona Arts Center's "Painting a Day"

Last year, Vince Fazio with the Sedona Arts Center asked the instructors who teach there to contribute to a "Painting a Day" faculty blog. We've been posting on the site - I thought I would start posting my contributions - this one is my latest - posted last night. Enjoy!

I've blogged about my warmup paintings, but I don't think I've shown an overall view of them. The size is 9x12 inches - acrylic on paper. All are gessoed and are varnished when completed. I work on at least a series of three - similar colors, compositions, etc. My warmups follow a distinct composition - the still life one above illustrates one of my favorites - the "Cruciform" composition. When I work on a still life painting, I pay attention to the composition, the color combination and the light source. In this case you can see the light bathe the flowers - coming in from the left, with the vase casting a shadow on the right.
I call these 9x12 studies "small original paintings" - I have them on my website. Please inquire as to availability.

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