Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Interior Study

I'm a member of the faculty at the Sedona Arts Center - we have a faculty blog and posts nearly everyday. We each contribute weekly. Because we're all instructors, our posts have a teaching bent - what we're working on, why we do certain techniques, experiments and assignments. Here is my latest post. I really like this painting - I've used it on my new Composition Chart. If you want to see all other Sedona Art Center Faculty Blog entries, go to and click on Painting a Day Faculty Blog. Enjoy!

I continue with my small warmup series of acrylic paintings. My intention was to make a prominent focal point of color, neutral background and use the "golden section" composition.
My four accent points are: 1) dark blue spot of color on the bottom of the vase, 2) focal point of flowers - violet/pink spots of color, 3) chair back, and 4) dark square that "grounds" the chair.
The white table cloth pushes the table and vase to the forefront, the golden rectangle "doorway" makes the background, along with the chair recede.
Small Interior Study - 10x10 inches acrylic on paper.

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Tonya Vollertsen said...

Haden't seen this side of your work. I like it!