Sunday, February 21, 2010

Circus Girls

My Sedona Loosen Up Workshop, May 24-28 features all my Loosen Up techniques and favorite color combinations.

In our Loosen Up workshop we play off of the figure image in some of our paintings. Our own version of the figure is not only part of the design, it becomes the Focal Point in the painting. Then we paint a series of the same subject over and over. The paintings become looser and bolder. This “Circus Girls” painting is one of many, many paintings based on the same theme.

By repeating and practicing, we gain incredible confidence and creativity. Paintings pour out of you when you think of a single theme you have always wanted to do. In my workshop, we start off with that.

Much of my new work is looser, more suggestive and painted with a specific limited palette of colors. My painting themes tend to either be a single subject - like a pear or a storytelling tale from personal stuff - like circus, magic, landscapes and dreams.


Tonya Vollertsen said...

Love the circus girls, the color and the fun feel of this painting. I particularly like the abstract below this one too. Great direction you've taken lately.

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