Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Painting on Glass

I live in California, on the central coast in the middle of fifty-two wineries. Actually there are many more if you take into account the surrounding wine growing areas of Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. Because of this, I am asked to take part in fund raisers that feature art and wine. This year, the Paso Robles Art Association is having a fund raiser called “Magnum Masterpieces.” Many artists were asked to paint on bottles that will be auctioned in May. This 3D painting is titled “Hoochie Choochie.”

Painting on glass is not that much different than painting on any other surface. First I primed the glass with acrylic gesso. First coat - a variety of blues acrylic paint, and finally “drew” all over the bottle with Decco oil-based markers. Finishing with a final coat of clear varnish.

Go to the auction page by copying and pasting this link in your web browser: http://pasoroblesart.org/magnum-masterpiece/