Monday, May 17, 2010

This Month is Landscapes!

I was out the other week picking up wine from our local winery. We’re members of their “Club” which means we receive a case of their favorite handpicked wine every month. This gave me a new idea! How about “The Burridge Painting of the Month Club.” You get an original painting every month!

I paints many original warmup paintings everyday, so we thought why not make them available to our friends first? Here’s the deal: When you join the Burridge Painting of the Month Club, you will begin receiving an original Burridge 6x9 inch painting (matted, with a foam board back and sleeve) every month!

Each painting is completely painted and hand-selected by Robert Burridge, signed and dated. Each month will be a different subject matter, including still lifes, abstract, landscapes, figures, etc. and represents what he is currently working on in his studio. Each month you can expect high quality paint on professional quality watercolor paper. 6x9 inch paintings matted on a 12x16 inch presentation.

Last month's was Pears - this month is Landscapes!


Susie said...

Such a talented artist.
Where can I find the details about your painting of the month?
Sounds very interesting.
Still hoping you will have a workshop in Las Vegas, NV.

Pamla said...

More info please...sounds like a great deal!

Bob Burridge said...

We are having a lot of fun with the Painting of the Month Club -
My 6x9 paintings currently sell for $150 each. But by joining this unique, one of a kind painting club for one year, you will receive an original painting every month for 12 months at only $75 for each month - shipping and handling included. That’s $900 for the year.

Email for registration and questions. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or all at once!

landon domeneck said...

what a beautiful landscapes, you are a big artist, thank you so much for sharing with us..

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