Monday, April 19, 2010

Gold Coast Art Reception

Gold Coast Art had an reception last Sunday in Santa Maria, CA. Great to see artists and friends!

Gary Brandes has been my framer for many years. He opened a new storefront, this time with a gallery - each artist has a wall! So happy that I have a local place to show work. This time Kate and I decided to do a Floral Theme!
Thanks for all the great comments and well wishes! We had a fun time.

Bob, Jill Targer and Dr. Dennis Shepard
Bob and Jill Targer
Bob, Claudia Mapes and Jill Targer
Jill Targer's Wall


Blenda said...

Hi Robert
Nice looking wall of flower paintings! I really like them!

Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

Ooh! I want them all for my own wall of Bob's florals but I especially want the yellow one that says see each other through.

Very nice- as always. :)

Anonymous said...

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